Davis® Autism Programs

Training Gifted Minds Offers Davis Autism Approach® Programs and Davis® Stepping Stones (I and II) Programs. However, I am currently on sabbatical from my Davis Autism/Concepts for Life practice and will not be taking on any clients for the Davis Autism Approach® / Davis® Concepts for Life programs until June 2024. I will still be accepting clients for other Davis® Correction programs.

Davis Stepping Stones (I &II) Programs

Beginning steps to the Davis Autism Approach program

Davis Stepping Stones is for those who, due to age or ability, are not yet able to access the full Davis Autism Approach program.

​It covers the beginning steps of the Davis Autism Approach program, presented in small, supported steps. It has been designed specifically for individuals under 8 years old, as well as individuals of any age with limited (or no) language.

​Davis Autism Approach Program

Empowering autistic individuals to participate more fully in a life they choose

Any autistic individual aged eight years or over, who has receptive language (i.e. they can understand what is being said) can benefit from this life-changing program. This includes children, teenagers, and adults. Each program is tailored to the specific needs, interests, and abilities of the individual.

For more information see Davis Autism Programs.

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