Davis® Concepts for Life Program


Training Gifted Minds Offers Davis Autism Approach® Programs and Davis® Stepping Stones (I and II) Programs. However, I am currently on sabbatical from my Davis Autism/Concepts for Life practice and will not be taking on any clients for the Davis Autism Approach® / Davis® Concepts for Life programs until June 2024. I will still be accepting clients for other Davis® Correction programs.

The client can expect to leave the program with tools that allow for an increased ability to achieve and maintain focus, self-regulate, have a greater understanding of the concepts of consequence, time, sequence, creating order and an ability to correct undesirable behaviors.

AGE: 8-99

CHARACTERISTICS: difficulty with focus, following directions, regulating emotions, time management and creating order in their environment.

DURATION: 30-60 hours

*This text has been used with the permission of the Ron Davis Autism Foundation (rdautismfoudation.org)

Who would benefit from a Davis Concepts for Life program?

  • This program is suited to any individual who is open to self-development and wants to create meaningful change in their life by exploring and mastering the mechanics that make up motivation and self-responsibility.
  • Individuals who experience challenges with executive functioning skills, stress, anxiety, reduced focus, self-regulation, and behavior management, will find this program particularly beneficial.
  • People who struggle with forming and maintaining positive relationships can also benefit from this program.

What kind of results do people see with the Davis Life Concepts program?

Individuals who have completed this program experience many positive changes, including:

  • increased self-awareness
  • better able to manage stress
  • an increased ability to focus for periods of time
  • able to monitor and self-regulate their energy levels
  • improved ability to listen and take in what is being said
  • greater insight into the relationship between cause and effect
  • improved time management
  • better organization and ability to complete tasks
  • the ability to establish order in their environment and daily life
  • awareness of the role that emotion plays in self-motivation
  • the ability to apply a framework to establish self-responsibility
  • recognition of different types of relationships, and what constitutes acceptable behaviors within them, and
  • the enhanced ability to make decisions based on what is right or wrong for Self

For more information see Davis Concepts for Life.

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