Executive Function Disorder

According to Psychology Today, the term “executive function disorder,” or EFD, describes someone who has trouble starting or finishing tasks, executing multiple steps of a project in sequence, and/or keeping their belongings organized. They may struggle to make decisions or lose important items frequently…

Executive dysfunction—sometimes called executive function disorder, or EFD—may appear similar to ADHD. People with ADHD—especially children—usually struggle with one or more executive functions, in addition to other symptoms such as hyperactivity and distractibility.”


People with executive function issues may have the following characteristics:

  • trouble managing emotions or impulses
  • problems with starting, organizing, planning, or completing tasks
  • trouble listening or paying attention
  • short-term memory issues
  • inability to multitask or balance tasks
  • socially inappropriate behavior
  • inability to learn from past consequences
  • difficulty solving problems
  • difficulty learning or processing new information

Problems with executive function may lead to:

  • affected performance at work or school
  • difficulty forming or maintaining relationships
  • mood issues
  • low self-esteem
  • avoidance of difficult tasks
  • low motivation or loss of interest in activities

Executive function takes time to develop, so many of these behaviors are typical in young children. However, if these behaviors persist, they may indicate that the child has difficulty with executive function.


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