Is there Help?

Training Gifted Minds offers Davis® Correction Programs (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD) which provide tools to correct perception by turning off disorientation. This allows these children to succeed in reading, writing, math, spelling, and staying focused.

The Davis® Correction Programs provide*:

  • reading exercises that train left to right eye movement, word recognition, and “picturing” for comprehension**
  • Symbol Mastery—creating mental images for non-picture words
  • techniques for handling stress, focusing issues, headaches, confusion, and their energy level
  • exercises or tools that integrate right/left brain, eliminate clumsiness, improve coordination and balance, and reinforce orientation
  • how to identify and eliminate “trigger” letters, words, or symbols that cause disorientation
  • control perceptual distortions and stabilize perceptions while writing
  • techniques to improvement penmanship (legibility) and writing essays or papers
  • techniques to achieve and maintain focus, an understanding of basic concepts (change, consequence, time, sequence, order/disorder)
  • ability to correct undesirable behaviors
  • ability to understand basic logic concepts for math
  • master arithmetic functions: counting, understanding of numeral symbols, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, and decimals

*Tools vary depending on program

**Davis Reading Program: Significant improvement, often two or more grade levels, is usually seen by the last day of the program! Even greater results are seen as the client continues using the tools, doing the exercises, and completing the Symbol Mastery list.

Training Gifted Minds offers Davis® Autism Programs, which empower autistic individuals to participate more fully in life, and Davis Executive Functioning Programs (Davis® Concepts for Life Program, Davis® Concepts for Life-Early Years) which provide tools that allow for an increased ability to achieve and maintain focus, self-regulate, have a greater understanding of the concepts of consequence, time, sequence, creating order and an ability to correct undesirable behaviors.

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