How Do Dyslexics Think?

There are basically two types of thinkers: non picture thinkers and picture thinkers. (Some people have the ability to do both.) Children that are non-picture thinkers see objects and symbols as a two-dimensional image. Therefore, reading, writing, or math symbols do not cause them problems.

However, that is not the case for a picture thinker. These children have the ability to not only see objects and symbols as three-dimensional images, but their mind turns the letter or symbol around as they are looking at it. If the child’s mind is constantly turning letters around making a “d” change to a “b” or “p” or “q”, reading and writing become quite difficult. It is hard to read letters that do not stay the same. These difficulties are known as dyslexia (reading) or dysgraphia (writing). 

It is the same with math. If a child’s mind is changing a “+” sign to a “x” sign or to a “-” sign, it is hard for that child to do math. This difficulty is called dyscalculia (math). When a child spends hours playing with her/his mind’s ability to change objects, the child struggles with attention or focusing issues–known as ADHD.

Each of these “D’s” (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD), has a common element known as disorientation which is the ability to see images different than what they really are. The child may or may not be aware that his/her mind is distorting what is reality. What the child needs is a way to turn off the disorientation. That is what the Davis Program offers—turning off disorientation not curing a disease.  

Dyslexia is not something that is curable because it is not a disease. It is actually a gift. However, as teachers we are not trained on how to teach the dyslexic child how his/her brain functions. Davis techniques actually teach the child how to use his/her own brain. It shows how the disorientation of the mind is necessary for his/her creativity, but causes havoc for reading or writing. The child is taught how to turn off the disorientation and orient for reading, math, handwriting, spelling, or anything that requires focusing on symbols or letters. With these techniques, it is possible for a child to advance, in one week, two to three grade levels of reading. The Davis programs are powerful! The more I use them, the more I am sold on them.

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