Writing Program-Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program


The client can expect to leave the program with tools that allow for an increased ability to control perceptual distortions and stabilize perceptions while writing, increased self confidence in writing, and techniques to improvement penmanship (legibility) and writing essays or papers.

AGE: 8+

CHARACTERISTICS: Dysgraphia (Writing difficulties)

DURATION: Three-Five (3-5) days


  • To resolve difficulties experienced with writing and penmanship for children and adults
  • Developed for children (approximately age 8 and above/mature 7 year olds), teens, and adults

Note: This program is usually combined with a reading program, as one complements the other.

Foundational Skills Gained:

  • How to write legibility
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Ability to stop reversals or omission of letters
  • Ability to stop letters from flipping and turning
  • Correct sequencing of letters
  • Consistency of letter formation: size, shape, and spacing of letters
  • Resolve confusion caused by written language

Academic Related Skills Gained Based on Individual Needs/Goals:

  • Accurate copying from the board
  • Writing horizontally with equal spacing of words
  • Getting thoughts to paper with ease and in a logical sequence
  • Developing essays or stories
  • Increase spelling and vocabulary
  • Editing Skills: correcting spelling, grammar error, punctuation usage

Used by Permission from Tracy Doyle

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