Davis® Concepts for Life-Early Years


Training Gifted Minds Offers Davis Autism Approach® Programs and Davis® Stepping Stones (I and II) Programs. However, I am currently on sabbatical from my Davis Autism/Concepts for Life practice and will not be taking on any clients for the Davis Autism Approach® / Davis® Concepts for Life programs until June 2024. I will still be accepting clients for other Davis® Correction programs.

The client can expect to leave the program with tools that allow for an increased ability to achieve and maintain focus, self-regulate, have a greater understanding of the concepts of consequence, time, sequence, creating order and an ability to correct undesirable behaviors.

AGE: Under 8

CHARACTERISTICS: difficulty with focus, following directions, regulating emotions, time management and creating order in their environment.

DURATION: 30-60 hours

*This text has been used with the permission of the Ron Davis Autism Foundation (rdautismfoudation.org)

Who would benefit from a Davis Concepts for Life-Early Years program?

  • This program is suited to any individual who is struggling with focus, behavior, relationships, self-regulation, executive functioning, or meeting developmental

What kind of results do people see with the Davis Life Concepts program?

Individuals who have completed this program experience many positive changes, including:

  • better self-regulation (for e.g., able to calm themselves down)
  • showing much less anxiety
  • reduced stress levels
  • less resistance to change
  • a willingness to try new things
  • an increase in their willingness and capacity to play with others
  • increased understanding of cause and effect
  • can follow instructions using the ideas of before and after
  • improved behavior
  • will go along with others ideas or suggestions in work groups and play
  • understands why (i.e. improved reasoning), and
  • more willing to share their own ideas.

For more information see Davis Concepts for Life – Early Years.

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