Tutoring Services

Tutoring Programs


Purpose: To evaluate and advance client’s level of reading

  • Literacy Evaluation or Beginner Assessment
  • Reading Strategies
    • Guided Reading
    • Literacy Concepts
  • Evaluating development of cue systems
  • Writing Road to Reading (if needed)
  • Running Records
  • Visual Reading


Purpose: To improve client’s writing skills

  • Writing Evaluation Assessment
  • Exercises for right-left brain integration
    • Figure 8
  • Teaching
    • Correct letter formation
    • Two o’clock formation
    • Spatial awareness


Purpose: To teach client how to apply phonetic rules to spelling

  • Writing Road to Reading
    • Phonograms
    • Phonetic Rules
  • Correct letter formation
  • Visual Spelling
  • Visual Vocabulary


Purpose: To evaluate client’s knowledge of parts of speech

  • Grammar Test
  • Learn parts of speech
  • Sentence Structure
  • Visual Grammar


Purpose: To evaluate client’s development of math concepts

Other Visual Tutoring

  • Writing Papers
  • Note Taking
  • Mind Mapping
  • Visual Memorization