Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners


This program is for younger children who need help avoiding learning differences in the future. The client can expect to leave the program with the ability to focus and the foundations necessary to build reading fluency and comprehension. The majority of the program is administered with a parent or support person present to assist in helping the child acquire the new skills and techniques.

AGE: 5-7 years

CHARACTERISTICS: Young Learners, Reading Dyslexia

DURATION: Ten (10) half days


  • To provide younger children with lifelong learning skills for academic achievement
  • To provide younger children with foundational skills necessary to develop reading fluency and comprehension
  • To provide support of skills and confidence to a child’s parent(s) enabling them to continue working with child at home for successful academic achievement
  • Developed for children ages 5 – 7, along with parent involvement

Foundational Skills Gained:

  • How to create and monitor a focused state
  • How to self-regulate energy levels to appropriately match the task at hand
  • How to improve balance and coordination
  • Increased fine motor coordination
  • Positive experiences and attitudes developed for academic work
  • Increased self-esteem

Academic Related Skills Gained Based on Individual Needs/Goals:

  • Increased recognition and understanding of alphabetical symbols and their order
  • Strengthened left-to-right eye movement for accurate word decoding
  • Improved skills with word recognition, fluency, comprehension, and retention
  • Concept understanding of all three parts of a word: its spelling, its pronunciation, and its meaning through a three-dimensional model created by the child

Used by Permission from Tracy Doyle

For additional information see Davis Reading Program for Young Learners.

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