Math Development Assessment

Training Gifted Minds offers assessments in reading, writing, and math development. These assessments check for learning issues and developmental readiness for the required work in reading, writing, and/or math.

Assessment for Math Development

If your child has a hard time with numbers, see your child’s doctor to rule out any vision or hearing problems that might affect the child’s ability to learn. Then talk to your child’s math teacher to understand where the child is having trouble. Also, talk to other teachers to find out if your child is struggling in other areas.

If you think your child may have dyscalculia after talking with their doctor and teachers, Training Gifted Minds can help. A test can be conducted to determine your child’s math abilities and brain development. The testing covers five main areas:

  • Computational skills: The ability to do math operations. Younger children may struggle with addition or subtraction problems. Older children might struggle with harder problems like multiplication, division, and fractions.
  • Math fluency: The ability to easily recall basic math facts, like 5 x 3 = 15, or how to multiply fractions
  • Mental computation: The ability to do math problems in your head
  • Quantitative reasoning: The ability to understand and solve word problems
  • Math Development Evaluation: Number Sense, Development of Empirical/Logical-Mathematical Knowledge,  Place Value, System of Tens and the system of ones simultaneously

Math Development Evaluation                                                                                             $400*

Purpose: To evaluate the child’s mental math development/ math level

Testing for:

  1. Development of Number sense:
    • Ordering
    • One-to-one matching
    • Connexity (connections)
    • Hierarchical Inclusion
    • Conservation
    • Conservation/Place Value/System of Tens
    • Class-inclusion/reversibility
  2. Empirical or logico-mathematical knowledge
    • Sign/symbols
    • Number facts
    • Place value
  3. Placement test


Purpose: looking for disorientation with numerals or symbols written or clayed backwards, math problems (looking for signs of disorientation or resistance)

*Assessment that goes over three hours will be charged $140 an hour or $35 per quarter hour.